Are you a PC gamer? If yes, then you might be in trouble while playing a game on PC. Today, we will discuss those 5 common game errors that you faced each and every time during playing a video game on your PC. Normally, playing video games on a PC provides you a desirable experience against the same video game on a console. There are a lot of console players out there too. And there is no doubt in it that why? Why folks feel ease while playing games on the console. It is just because PC’s are a little bit complex and the absence of quality components. And that’s why you can’t give surety of “The game will run accurately or not”.

Common Game Errors

There are 5 common game errors that PC gamers normally face all the time. So, let’s have a look at the 5 common game errors and how to fix them properly.

Hanging / Short Term Freezing

This is one of the most common error that we’ve seen in all PC’s. Normally, PC’s are presumed to work more accurately and fluently while playing games but unfortunately, this does not happen all the time. Sometimes, gamers surrounded by a problem and the gamers call that problem “Hang”. Hanging of title in the game for several seconds, or before resuming a normal play.

How to Fix:

For fixing this normal problem, make sure that your requirements are right according to your video game. Normally the game requirements for PC’s are RAM, VRAMS (Video RAM), Processor, Hard drive, Graphics Card, Card drivers. If your PC is not upgraded according to the game requirement, then, kindly do not download the game. And if your PC is upgraded according to the game requirements, then kindly update your Graphics Card Driver. Clear extra or un-needed Softwares and free your HD Drive.

Extreme Lag Online

common game errors

One of the most famous and common error while playing online games like counter strike, call of duty, PUBG, Apex Legend etc. is Extreme Lag Online. You shot; you’ve pressed the trigger… mouse button, and for a sec, no results. Again, you shot a fire once again. Oh, what the hell is going on here? My opponent was right here in front of me, just a moment before.

Well, this was the error that we are going to discuss in this para and it is called Online Lag. It is a very baffling problem for all of us.

How to Fix:

First of all, check your internet connection. See, if any download is active on your broadband connection, or maybe, someone is using your internet connection like watching videos, or extreme browsing. These are some common issues that can cause online lag. If your game is not working well online, then kindly turn off the downloads, video streaming, or any other work that is running via your internet connection and then start the game again.

If it doesn’t work, and you are using Wi-Fi, then check your internet connection quality. Mean that, your signal strength is not good and you are receiving a very high ping. In this case, a good solution is to maximize your Internet Connection.

Screen Tearing

common game errors

Screen tearing is a definitive visual effect that arrives when your game display becomes divided from top and bottom in half.

How to Fix:

This error is mostly caused because your monitor screen cannot refresh your image according to the requirements. Some monitors give you 60 to 70 Hz refresh rate. This means that it will refresh the image 60 times a sec. But if we talk about Fast Gaming PCs, then they can play a lot of titles at higher speed. And when the PC frame sending speed is quicker the monitor image refreshing speed, then this error can take place.


common game errors

This error can easily be identified while you are playing the game. The identification of this error is, misshaped, expanded, missing, pixelated or colored textures, or appearance of odd textures.

Errors like these are due to the weird performance of the Video Card. Which is wondering here and there for the information that was sent by the game? This can be happened due to outdated drivers or due to beta drivers. Another major cause of glitch is, your video graphic card is become over-heated or become failed.

How to Fix:

You can check your graphics card temperature by using software called “TThrottle”. If your graphics card temperature is above than 100 Degrees Celsius, then there is no doubt that your graphics card is over-heated. Also, keep an eye on your graphics card stress rate by running a stress test. If during a test, artifact comes up, then it means that your graphics card is going toward danger.


common game errors

Stuttering is totally different from freezing/hanging. The frequency of this error is much higher than the glitches. For each person, it occurs for a millisecond almost. The gamer cannot easily notice this problem in one go. But a gamer can identify it while he is using the game in speed. Normally, the common cause of this error is due to Multi-GPU setups. They are not always perfectionists in sync (Scheduling Your Network Connection).

How to Fix:

The best way to troubleshoot this error is, if you are using Nvidia, then kindly download the latest drivers because Nvidia company has solved the stuttering problem in a very efficient way but not completely. And if you are using AMD then AMD Company is not too much luck so you can use their beta drivers.


PC’s are more reliable and more accurate platforms for playing games, but it hurt our feelings when they do not perform according to our beloved game’s requirements. Most common problems or errors are due to graphics card drivers and internet connections. Above mentioned errors are the most common errors, gamers are facing from a decade. Try to fix those errors according to our “How to Fix” and free yourself from above mentioned 5 common errors.

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