If we talk about Windows 10, then it is one of the best-operating systems for gamers, as well as for Xbox One streaming. But it is not 100% applicable for games. There are some tips that you’ll need if you want to relish the best gaming experience with Windows 10. Today, we’re going to explore those best tips that will optimize your Windows 10 for your PC.

Optimize Your Windows 10 with Gaming Mode

Microsoft has announced a gaming mode option in his later release with which you can easily optimize your windows 10 with gaming mode. For that, just press Win + I, and type game mode in the search bar. After that, click on Control Game Mode for optimizing your PC for games. Click Game Mode. Now On the Game Mode, so that you can easily take advantage of Game Mode.

We have a lot of other option too from which you can easily optimize windows 10 for playing video games and yes, for gaming performance too.

Disallow Windows Automatic Restart and Update

Nowadays, the most disturbing thing in windows 10 is Automatic Updates. It starts without your permission. And this is not good for gamers while playing online games. Because it can easily make boundries between you and your internet connection.

How to disable Windows 10 Automatic Updates

For disabling the Automatic Updates of Windows 10, first, go to settings > update and security > Windows Update > Advanced Options > Update Options. Here. Select disable option and then press “Stop”. And Click Apply > OK.

Disable Auto Updating in Steam

There are some video game players that play games on steam whether they are free or paid on steam. If you will not prevent steam from auto-update, then it will give you too much lose like, internet consumption, and dull internet speed?

If you want to prevent steam from updating in the background, then kindly follow the procedure given below. Click on the Steam in the top menu bar, > settings > Downloads. There, uncheck Allow downloads during gameplay and it’s done.

If you want to stop the downloads of un-use games, then hover the cursor on the game you want, right click on it, and go into the library, and their select properties. There, select the Tab “Update” and in the update window, right under the Automatic Update title, select Only update this game when I launch it. Congrats, it’s done.

Time to adjust Visual Effects of Windows 10

Adjusting the visual effects of windows 10 is a good option for increasing gaming performance. By default, Windows 10 GUI is enough but for more better performance, Go to Windows 10 Settings > Type Performance in the search bar > Select Adjust the appearance and performance of Windows > Adjust for best performance > Apply > OK.

Keep the Graphic Drivers Updated.

If you want to see your graphics well and don’t want to see any kind of glitches in it, then always stay updated. Basically, the Graphical Processing Unit known as GPU is the brain of your PC Gaming and it needs latest drivers if you want to see it fast and better then update your Graphics Drivers after every 6 months.

How to update Graphic Card Drivers?

Go to Desktop > Display Settings > Advanced Display Settings > Display Adapter Properties. Another option is for downloading drivers latest update is on the same window (When you’ll click the Display Adapter Properties, a window will occur) > Driver > Update Driver. It will start searching for the latest drivers and it’s done.

Different Power Plans for Improving the Gaming Experience

If you want to improve your gaming experience on Windows 10, then power matters. The only way for ensuring the power performance for your game is to change your power settings through setting screen. For that, press Window Key + I > Type Power in the search bar > Power and sleep settings > Additional power settings. You can also make your own power plan by clicking the Create Power Plan.

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